In this video Dr Rullan talks about his approach to hock pain and hock injections
Watch this video and learn the innovative way that Dr Rullan uses for hock injections

6 things you need to know about arthritis 

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Tarsometatarsal  Hock Joint Arthritis
OCD in the hock
Distal inter tarsal joint arthritis 
Distal inter tarsal joint fusion
Calcaneal Fracture
Tarsal bone fracture
7 Common Signs of Hock Pain
  •  Lameness unilateral or bilateral 
  • Lack of power
  •  Joint enlargement or swelling
  •  Painful to palpation
  •  Choppy gate
  •  Dragging toes
  •  Stiff and slow to warm up
If your horse has any or multiple of these signs, then most likely your horse has hock pain. 
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